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Your Wedding Day – What it will reveal about you

These days more than ever couples are doing all they can to make their wedding day special and unique, personalised to reflect who they are as individuals and as a united team.
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What Will Your Wedding Invitations Say About You?

Everything about your wedding, starting with your wedding invitations, should reflect your own personal style. Now, more than ever, couples are doing everything they can to make their wedding day uniquely personalized.
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Is it Tacky to ask for Money as a Wedding Gift?

Traditionally the newly wedded couple received wedding gifts with the idea to help them out in setting up a household, but in these times with the people marrying rather late in life and most of them well settled in their households in variety of settings are not in desperate need of another blender or toaster.
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A Picture Perfect Wedding

Due to hectic schedules, most couples usually do not pay much attention to one of the crucial things in the wedding – the wedding coverage. Despite the overwhelming tension and excitement, couples do not have to be nonchalant when choosing their wedding photographers if they want their fun times and precious memories recorded very well.
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Budgeting Wedding Costs: Who Pays for What?

In today’s society which is formed by many different cultures, religions, and preferences, it’s important to note there really isn’t a specific protocol designating which party is responsible for paying for particular wedding expenses. With wedding costs skyrocketing and many couples waiting until their careers are established before getting married, there are several options that can be considered.
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The History of Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

These days, many people take wedding bands and engagement rings for granted, and although they give these beautiful items of jewellery with integrity and love, they are often given with no real knowledge of the meaning behind them.
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A Wedding Shower Checklist

Bridal showers are one of many pre-wedding parties and are great fun. They are known as parties with a purpose. The purpose of a shower is to assist the couple in equipping their new home or for the bride to assemble a trousseau. Not only that, but they are a good excuse for the bride to get together with her friends and family to play hilarious games and to enjoy the food and wine.
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Free and Funny Wedding Speeches

Making a Wedding Speech can be a very stressful event for those involved. To stand up and make a speech in front of any group can be nerve racking but when you consider that those about to make a Wedding Speech are about to stand up before friends and family then it can bring on a whole new set of nerves!!
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The Christmas Wedding

To be merry at Christmas is one thing, but to be married at Christmas is truly romantic and magical. What could be a better time to get married and start a new life than when families come together to celebrate the festive season?
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