Your Wedding Day – What It Will Reveal About You

Spring has arrived with the sensual scent of Jasmin, the birds the bees and couples, young & old, first, second or third timers planning to get married are coming out of hibernation.

These days more than ever couples are doing all they can to make their wedding day special and unique, personalised to reflect who they are as individuals and as a united team.

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, weddings were very traditional and structured in terms or what was expected to be experienced by the lucky couple, family and friends and all those attending the ‘Special Day’. In these more modern days – anything goes opening the door to an abundance of styles and options to colour your day any shade you favour.


In a church, a favourite park, a white sandy beach, a dramatic headland, a fragrant garden, a hot air balloon, or on our world famous harbour. The options are endless and whichever you desire, it will have a special place in your history and will have enormous significance on the Day. Not only will the location play a vital part on your Wedding Day, it will also say something about you and your partner. What time of day? Sunrise to sunset, dawn to dusk romance and love are in the air, no matter what the time.

The Ceremony

This should be unique to you and your partner, structured, with creative and personal content – taking your closest family and friend on a journey with you – into the core of your hearts and souls, sharing your innermost and private thoughts, in public, on a memorable day. Your choice of celebrant / priest is a vital ingredient to your Wedding Day as she/ he will compliment the colour of your day.

Dress and Theme

Arriving in your gorgeous gown is something everyone has dreamed of at some stage of their life. In choosing your gown and the theme of your wedding you are boldly stating who you are. So when selecting, thought should be given to your individual style and personality – what your wear determines how you feel on the Day all day. Your hair style will compliment you, don’t try something out of character on your wedding day – after all this is the day when you want to make a statement – being the real you!

Wedding Breakfast and Reception

Time to relax and the fun begins. Whatever the budget, this segment of your Wedding Day, is the most likely part to remembered by all who attend. Multicultural, modern, relaxed trends, let your imagination run wild, with a wide range of options available to help create a feast for your guest, tantalizing their taste buds. Speeches and formalities are a matter of course and determine the mood with emotion and love being the key element to the event.

In Summary, no matter what your style, your unique qualities will add just the perfect shade of colour and flavour on your day. Remember, it’s your Wedding Day, stay true to yourself.

Danielle DuBois is a Civil Marriage Celebrant committed to providing a relaxed, professional service, in an environment which reflects your personalities. Visit or email