What Will Your Wedding Invitations Say About You?

Everything about your wedding, starting with your wedding invitations, should reflect your own personal style. Now, more than ever, couples are doing everything they can to make their wedding day uniquely personalized.

You and your fiancee chose the location, theme and colors of your wedding based on your personal preferences. Since your wedding invitations are an introduction to your wedding, they should reflect your choices and ultimately your personalities and styles.

It used to be that wedding invitations were always very traditional in their color and appearance. Today, wedding invitations come in a vast array of exciting colors, styles, sizes and themes to reflect the creativity of modern wedding couples.

Not to say traditional is out of date, but today your options are truly unlimited. There are choices based on seasons, hobbies, color combinations, themes, ceremony locations, ethnic backgrounds, flowers, etc. Your wedding invitations can have a
modern contemporary look or they might feature photos of youngsters sharing tender moments.

Your choices don’t end with the wedding invitation itself. There’s the font style and ink color. Again, there is an impressive selection of font styles to fit any type of wedding design. Just keep in mind you want to choose a style that your guests will find easy to read. The more script the style, the more difficult it usually is to read. Colored ink choices are not quite as abundant as font styles, but there are still plenty
to accommodate your chosen wedding colors.

Here are some questions for you to consider when choosing your wedding invitation style:
* In what type of setting are you getting married – church, formal, casual, outdoor, destination?
* What is the color scheme of your wedding?
* Is there an overall theme to your wedding?
* Do you want to incorporate a specific ethnic or religious theme?
* In what season will your wedding take place?
* What type of flowers are you having in your wedding?
* Do you want to include your photo on your wedding invitations?
* What is your wedding invitation budget?

Another great idea for personalizing your wedding invitations is to include a favorite line of poetry, a beloved quotation, a particular Bible verse, or words from a special song. Many times the company who prints your invitations will also have a large selection of small verses to choose from. Just be sure your chosen wedding invitation style will have enough room for these extra lines of printing.

Your wedding invitations should be both beautiful and uniquely personal, just like your wedding ceremony. With all of today’s gorgeous choices, you’re sure to find exactly what you desire.

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